International School Ibiza
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Green School Ibiza is opening on the island!

A new school with a Montessori approach, international curriculum and a green project focus will be opening in Ibiza. Our early years (ages 3-6), primary (1-5 grade) and middle school will have an international curriculum and be taught bilingually including both English and Spanish. We plan to extend to high school soon after we get our school started. Our teachers are English and Spanish mother tongue and Montessori trained by our Montessori school trainer.

Our mission is to have a school that will be focused on a natural andstudent-centered education with a Montessori approach but also with other active pedagogies

We are a large educational society, operating schools around the world and we’re looking forward to expanding our community to the island of Ibiza. Our mission is to create a school focused in a natural and student-centered education. Our ecological and sustainable subjects will inspire children to become creative and innovated leaders while teaching cooperation, communication and academic skills amongst many others. We believe that a child’s development is a natural process built with a successive series of independence. We encourage our students to act and think for themselves whilst exploring and creating their own educational path. Our goal is to provide an educational system with lessons that motivate entrepreneurship. As part of our green approach, students will be taught lessons that consist of global awareness, green studies, performing arts along with the core subjects such as mathematics, science and literacy.

We’d like to make not only a school but, a green community that involves parents in our project. Our school will be ecologically designed in a sustainable, green environment. Our spacious land will also provide a biological garden, along with a home for adopted animals. With the help of parents and teachers, the children will care for the animals and garden that will create a natural environment for them.

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